Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Two powerful energies

Fight a battle of familiar misery

Entangled in a war

Their purpose unclear

Yet they persist

Tempting the Gods

Tempting each other

Damning their souls

There is no rhyme

There is no reason

No solution in what they seek

Seemingly doomed

Crashing into one another

For eternity

Bathing in ambivalence

Vast passion compels them

To battle, to hold on

Ignoring all the rules

The seduction of power

Consumes all things between them

What is it they seek?

Could it be, simply



  1. Awesome. Sometimes they can't see teh simple things.

  2. Makes me think of the energies of male and female struggling out there in the void.

  3. I love the power of this... it screams to me of ill fated lovers battling all that is, just to be together. well done...