Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can't Breathe

I can feel your breath on my neck.
I release a sigh at the words you whisper in my ear.

I tingle inside in response to your promises.
Your words are like honey sweetening my senses.

I turn in your arms and press against you.
My soft curves molding to your hard edges.

Your hands entangle in my hair, your lips so close to mine.
My world begins to spin.

My eyes shut as you close the distance between us.
I am swept away with your kiss.

I open my eyes to the dimness of the room.
I realize now you were only a dream.

I can't breathe as I shudder with the loss.
I am alone.


  1. I really just can't believe your writing skills.... that this whole time, you didn't even knew you had.... the beauty, the emotion... amazing baby.... truly a work of art....

  2. Oh my goodness... *Blush* I feel like I just interrupted a private moment. O.O

    (*Clears throat* Beautifully written.)