Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I need to scream

Until my voice is gone

Dig my nails into my skin

Until it bleeds

My mind


My heart

A bottomless pit of sorrow

Anger courses through my veins

Bile floods the depths of my throat

Dejection pours from my soul

I gasp for breath

My mind

Quiets for an instant

My eyes meet yours

In silent demand

Can you not see what you’ve done?

I need to scream

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Precious Skin

Thickened blankets of shame

Smother me

Darkening everything

My heart is black

Tears bleed from my eyes

Screaming my pain

Until my voice finds no sound

It makes no difference

Doesn’t matter at all

You’ll never be satisfied

I’m not the monster

You’ve painted me to be

Even now as I lay

Entangled in your blanket of shame

You’ll never acknowledge my pain

Continue your punishing tirade

Be careful not to touch

I may soil your precious skin

Even though I’m truly

A manifestation of your sin

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Two powerful energies

Fight a battle of familiar misery

Entangled in a war

Their purpose unclear

Yet they persist

Tempting the Gods

Tempting each other

Damning their souls

There is no rhyme

There is no reason

No solution in what they seek

Seemingly doomed

Crashing into one another

For eternity

Bathing in ambivalence

Vast passion compels them

To battle, to hold on

Ignoring all the rules

The seduction of power

Consumes all things between them

What is it they seek?

Could it be, simply


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hope Dies

Cold in my watery grave

Darkness encroaches

Surrounding all sides of me

A familiar ghost keeps watch

Mocking me

Tattered threads of hope

Float inside this final resting place

Undying amounts of disappointment

Encapsulate my remains

Broken and battered

Damaged by my own hands

Cracks in my armor

Reveal vulnerability

My last appeal unanswered

Hope dies

Along with my heart

Formerly given

Without restraint

By me

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Glass

What’s behind your eyes,

Seized under lock and key?

What secrets do you hold

Within the pools of your soul?

Don’t fear your truth.

It doesn’t define you, as you believe.

Turn to the looking glass,

That’s where I’ll be.

Tell me your stories.

I’m listening.

In them, there’s beauty.

You will see.

It’s all just a memory.

Not the designation of who you’re meant to be.

Behind your eyes,

Lingers truth and vulnerability.

Turn to my looking glass,

I will set you free.