Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Merry-Go-Round

Memories of oblivion

Swirl within my soul

Another shot

One more hill

Soaring high

Another pill

Around the merry-go-round

I fly

I’m sorry

Don’t cry

I promise I’m fine

I just need to hide

Behind crumbling walls

Water trickles constantly

Carving crevices

Gaps between

Weathered and worn

Broken stones

Another shot

One more hill

Soaring high

Another pill

Down the slippery slope

I slide

Catch me

Don’t let go

Watch as I fly

Just one more time

Around the merry-go-round

I ride

Friday, August 27, 2010

Make Believe

The uncooperative toy

Complex and incomplete

Far too many


They betray the image

Others think you want to see

I’m not your pretty

Mindless little thing

Subservient dream

No sustenance between

Then there is me

Unforgettable me

Your bitch

The Queen

I fight with my teeth

I dare you make believe

It’s not what you need

My voice

My humor

My love

My greed

Limitless loyalty

Defying even your


Your uncooperative toy

Complex and incomplete

Far too many anomalies

Inspire your unending


Towards me


Everything I seek

Your voice

Your humor

Your love

Your greed

Limitless loyalty

Defying even your



Available for you


Supportive and loving

Forever listening

All your fears

Many uncertainties

Complaints as well

Spill them upon me

Your biggest fan

You are the melody

I love to sing

Still the aches I breathe

Drift past your eyes

You don’t seem to notice them

Notice me

There’s not much left

I understand

It’s insufficient

But all there can be

The little time you give

It’s fitting

It has to be

Until the time comes

When it no longer will be

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Ugliest Girl in the World (guest post)

Hello everyone!

Here is a guest post from my very good friend @divine_pk. I hope you enjoy it.
I am honored to be able to share it with you.

I'm the ugliest girl in the world
I hide on the outside
With make up
With curls
When I'm thin people like me
What an achievement
For abandoning myself
When I'm fat, people like me
Ugliness peeks through
So witty!
So smart!
So talented!
Thank god she's fat!
In between
Mother says with mother bias
What a pretty face
Father says with male bias
I'm an 8 out of 10
Thanks, Dad
Lovers know what I want to hear
But won't say
It will seem false
It will be false
After all
I am the ugliest girl in the world

Lovers compliment others
Words never said to me
For I am ugly
If I had the right kind of knife
I'd carve an X into my face
Right to left
Left to right
X-ed out
Then there would be no question
It's the wondering that kills me

Maybe, maybe it doesn't matter
Maybe, maybe I'm pretty
This woman lives in me, somewhere
Battling my ugly
Battered by my ugly
In me, two people who despise each other
No one sees my wounds
Agonizing wars, bitches brawl
If I had the right kind of knife
I'd cut them right out of my chest
Leaving a void
Where the pain was
A void
My ugly pain
MY ugly
Where would I be without my ugly?

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Many things

I’ve dreamt I’d do

Desires and fantasies

Come true

Holding you

Within my arms

Breathing your scent

Gently tracing

Contours and lines

The curve

Of your hips

The sweetness

Of your lips

Nipping and suckling

Biting and claiming

What’s meant to be mine


Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Wait

Thoughts swirl about

Within my mind

Startling my soul

Breaking apart

Truth I knew

Words morph into lies

Every whisper

Each promise

Burns to ash

Before my eyes

I wait

And I wonder

Did you know?

With the power I gave you

This is what you could do?

You’ve broken

The last bits of my heart

Presented openly to you

Did you know?

Your assurances meant everything

Truth be told

I wait

And I wonder

Will you mend what

You hold so carelessly?

I’ve given you the power to

Friday, August 6, 2010


A flower gripped

Tight in my fist

Plucking the petals

One by one

He loves me…

Fluttering down

He loves me not…

Cluttering the ground

I pulled all the petals

Now wilted around my feet

The flower now bare

The petals don’t provide

The answers I seek

I didn’t take care

This longing for love

Never to become

Stripped and alone

Mirroring the stem

Forever undone

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Twisted threads of broken webs

Capture and bind

Pieces of my soul

Spun loosely around

My torn heart

Shattered memories

Carried away on winds

Whispering wishes

Heard though not fulfilled

Floating then falling

To an uncertain world

Yielding to defeat

Captured and bound

Within twisted webs

Contentment is found

Inside the pain