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Sunday, July 31, 2016


This was something my son, Matthew, wrote back in July of 2014. I found it quite moving...maybe you will too.

 ~ ~ ~ 

His self-confidence waxes and wanes based on what niceties she chooses to allot him that day. How he chooses to use them is hardly sensible, adding a positive to a larger negative still produces a negative.

His immediate goal is to absorb the happiness and coerce her into giving him more. There is precious little time. If he can't make her love him now then he might miss his chance.

He checked his logic at the airport when he picked her up. Thinking objectively is to no avail, a boy loves a girl and wants his love reciprocated so badly, he is willing to change himself.

The great irony is he has no idea what she wants, he becomes a quiet, jealous, nervous, over thinker. He is making himself less attractive, he lays sleepless thinking about her while she dreams of a better tomorrow.


Monday, May 16, 2016

And Still...

Photo credit: Blackman Whitelife

There is no air
For me to breathe

There is no light
To guide my way

The flowers don't bloom
My world is dark

Only my mind is bright
With pictures of you

That look in your eyes
Meant only for me

Chemistry binding
Skin mixed with sin

Soul and heart 
Spirits entwined

Until death do us part
But there was no death

Yet my broken heart 
Continues to beat

Even when there is no air
And still...

You manage to breathe

Friday, September 11, 2015


The push
The pull
The struggle to feel

The need to be seen
Spills over the edge
Drowned by tears
That no longer fall
They dried inside a scream
The one you so easily ignore

Falsity is the game
Played as a truth
But nothing is real
Except jealousy
A cowardly melody
Well overplayed
Oozing from your pores
Smothering my pleas

The push
The pull
The struggle to accept

If he wanted me
Truly wanted me
He would’ve never
    Let me go...

Thursday, September 18, 2014


I only think of you...
When the sun kisses the moon
And the light from the blue disappears
The stars decorate the sky
Casting their glow upon sleeping souls

I only think of you...
When the moon says its prayers
And the light of the day chases darkness away
The sun grants a wish
Illuminating each dew speckled rose

I only think of you...
With every breath I take
Which is to say
Every hour
Each moment
Of the moonlit night
And sun filled day

I only think of you...

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Unexpected Everything

I wasn’t prepared
For the sweet taste
Of your name
Lingering on my lips
The memory of your touch
Branding my skin
Marking your territory
Spreading your sin
That look in your eyes
As you drank me in
Penetrating my soul
Claiming every inch of me
Until you became
My unexpected...

Friday, January 17, 2014


I dreamt a dream

Of the perfect kiss

With desire in 

Your eyes

And fire upon

Your lips 

But as the sun 

Slowly rose

The flame began 

To fade

I was left

With nothing

But a stolen wish...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Heaven or Hell

Photo Credit:

A maze made of desire
Fire smolders inside
Dance with me
Lets play in the flames
Our ashes can linger on the winds
Sprinkled with bits of levity
Soaring high to blacken the moon
Is it heaven or hell hiding in your eyes?
A promise of your lips
The sweet scent of your sin 
I'll receive the devil
Just give me a reason
With one heated kiss...