Monday, December 27, 2010

Safe From Me


Who am I
Who should I be
I’ve been lost and found
In the space of one moment in time
Yet at the core of my distress
My confusion
I find me
Who I used to be
But still am

Truth, insanity, insecurity
A lover, a mother
A wife, a friend
A hopeless romantic
A fool
Someone I used to know
No longer someone I want to be
But me…alone
Forever dependent on you
Thoughts, feelings, fears and emotions

Why me
What could you possibly see in me
Is it the idea of me
What I used to be
Or what I am today
Who am I today

God – please help me
Help me uncover what I’m supposed to be
What you need me to be
Help me find the truth
Buried deep inside of me
I’m sick of this endless hallway
Sick of the pain that wraps around me
Like a second skin

I run and hide in the dark place
Within my heart
I’m safe there
From me

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Let me embrace you
Provide solace
Fears cannot linger
Doubts no longer haunt
Dreams and waking thoughts
Feed upon my nourishing touch
Drink from my soul
Your home within my heart
The soft place
You always know is safe
And recognize
Every part of me
As your own

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Drown Me

Venom slides
Down my throat
Choke and swallow
Fight the pain
Swirling in my gut
Bitterness coats
My insides
Burns then stains
My soul
Agony and dread
Surround me
Drown me
Deals a final blow
My scream

3 Guest Poems by Tacoma Firefly

Here are 4 poems I am posting for a very old friend of mine. He goes by Tacoma Firefly. If we're lucky he'll start his own blog soon because I think there is much more where these came from.


We swim in the pool of honesty.
We dance on the clouds of truth.
We sing the songs of friendship.
We taunt with the ideas of tomorrow.
We stumble from the pains of yesterday.
We walk on the flames of lust.
We ride on the backs of heartache.
We feast on the fruit of trust.
We treasure our time together.
We sleep on the bed of dreams.


My One

Let me greet you at the banks of desire.
Let us swell in our lust for companionship.
Forgive me for my penetrating stare.
Take your breath.
Let not your passion heed to the thoughts of our past.
But instead embrace them knowing you’re not alone.
I migrate to the scent of your temptation.
Give in to my touch.
Spread open and surround me like the Gossamer rings of Jupiter.
My one is you and you are my one.


Pleasure or Pain

A pinch.
A prick.
A pound.
A pump.

A friend.
A finger.
A bite.
A bump.

A pill.
A tingle.
A dopamine dump.

A kiss.
A touch.
A spank on a rump.