Saturday, February 27, 2010



Tears fall from my heart

A place wrung dry


Denying Gods will


Too many paths laid out

I don’t want to know


I refuse to let go



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgotten Names

Wind whispers through low towers

Cluttering the ground in a


Caressing souls who lay sleeping


Encased in hallowed ground gone

Cold and hard from years passed

Moss grows between

Cracks scored in stone from

Endless tears shed over

Wilted flowers left behind by weeping hearts unknown


Flit and flutter by

Gazing from above

Taking those ready by the hand

Guiding them home

Very few left behind


Refusing to go



Seeking yet never finding

Damning their own souls

Restless within this cold hollow ground


The walking death they deny

Shedding tears upon wilted flowers

Staring in disbelief

Their name they see carved in marbled stone

Cries lost and unheard among

Winding winds

I hear them

Whispering to me around and through

Stone towers of decay

Fingertips caressing forgotten names

Strangled moss

Wilted flowers

Held in place tightly

Fed by their


Holding them in my heart

Speaking their names

Quietly weeping

Their souls wrap around my warmth

Feeding from me

Taking what they seek

Finally ready

Gazing from above

Taking them by the hand

Guiding them home

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Hold still now; don’t move

Precious one,

Scented desire beckons to me

Trickling over my skin and heightening my need

Your blood sings my name

Can you hear it?

Your body pressed tightly beneath mine

My tongue dances along the curve of your neck

Lapping at your silky offering

Tasting the rhythm of your heartbeat

Fangs lengthen and ache

A deafening hunger

Your fear mingles with anticipation

Splintering my control

One whispered word of welcome fills my soul


Saturday, February 20, 2010


Your hands on my body

Breath on my skin

Lips on my mouth

Breathe you in

I want you

Your heart pressed to mine

Arms holding me through the night

Body growing tense with need

Say my name

I need you

Your hair entwined in my fingers

Skin flushed with desire

Beneath my hands

Your taste

I crave you

I want to show you
I need to see you
I crave to hold you
I love to love you

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wilted Tears


Tears I cry

Trickling through

Finger tips

The wilted flower


For loss

Of love

And mine

I grieve

In the dream


Into outstretched


Saving me

Wiping away


Tears I cry

You see

The wilted flower

That is


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tainted Reality

It’s not real

Feelings now

Tainted by words

No longer

Understood the same

As before

The lines in the script

Have changed

The players

Remain the same

What I feel

Torn through with

Webs of doubt


Confusion and pain

Yet I can’t

Let go

What I see

Stands before me


Holding my place

In line

My feet firmly


Waiting for

The storm to pass

For you to answer

Is this real

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Beautiful and untouchable


Within my self imposed cocoon

Wounds run deep inside

These fragile wings are broken


Curled around my heart I wait

For words that are the solace

These jagged cuts seek

My heart weeps

Tears that burn my

Worn and broken soul

The butterfly

I’ll never be

The butterfly

You’ll never see

I Was Issued a Challenge

So folks sitting here in the "Command Center" with my good friend @flygirlie314 and my husband @wookiestyle we were discussing art work. You see Flygirlie is an artist and my husband has been challenging her to draw for him. He sees potential in her to become a tattoo artist. So she was explaining in her way that when she draws its therapeutic and when asked to just draw on demand she cant do it. My response to this was-When I first started writing poem I could only write from my heart of what was happening in my life... Now I can write about anything. It just takes practice. Being the smart ass that she is she looked at me and said- Oh yeah well then write me a poem about "....."
So here it is...

Comment please and tell me...Until you got to the end did you know what I was talking about?

Glorious flame

Calling to me

Simmer and burn

Accelerated necessity

Hotter, faster

Are you ready for me?

Coating with my desire

The goodness of me

Flavor for you to reap

You’re ready

Placing my offering

Upon you with care




I love my barbecue

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Become Mine

Love pours forth

Heartstrings tied in a bow

Tracing lines of desire and need

Dive inside the blessings of me

Drink me

Swallow me whole

Splendor evokes serenity

Sensuality wrapped in a kiss

Separated by worlds

Suspended in time

Eternity beckons

Fate waits and whispers truth

Close your eyes

Jump with me

Feel my heart

Become mine

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Real

Something is missing in my soul

Emptiness consumes me

Desperate to feel



Reaching but you’re not there

Crying out but you can’t hear

I’m not real

My life a dance for all to see




Your perfect fantasy

But my world is incomplete

Residing behind the glass wall

The wall I’ve created on my own

Each day a piece of me dies

Holding myself still



Reaching but you’re not there

Crying out but you can’t hear

I’m not real

Friday, February 5, 2010


Burning hot

Calling to my sin

Anticipation begins

My sweetness dripping for you to drink

Fingers play within my path

Show me the secrets I’ve earned

Pleasure inside this erotic pain

Blind me

Bind me

Bring me to my knees

Deliver your reward

Scream my name

Shatter my soul

Forgive my sin

Feral Need

Tasting you

Inside my skin

Sweet butter

Flows rapidly

Every nerve



A feral need

Tangling flesh




You own me

Deliver my pain

Summon my pleasure

Blinding rapture

Approaching the edge

Scream my name

I'll break apart

I’ll bring you again

Drink you again

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Title Poem

Here is my title poem. This was a complete accidental discovery. About a week or so ago sitting in my “Command Center” among my closest friends it occurred to me while looking at my poetry that I could make a poem from the titles of each of them from the month of January. Yes, yes I realize this is completely silly and believe me we had a good laugh over it. We decided I should wait until the end of the month and see what other titles I added to the mix.

So here it is my friends. Title by title and ONLY the exact title of each poem was used.

It just goes to show you that formatting makes just as much of a difference as the words you lay down.

A very interesting lesson for me!

Rolling Thoughts

Different me…Just Decide

Reaching my sacrifice



I'd Fall wishing you


Never be my need

The dance…My apology



State of Mind

Decision…Broken Me

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't Watch

Spinning in time
My mind
A muddled mess
Ripping free
Stitches of
Emotions in
My heart
My sin
Look away
Don’t watch
It’ll be okay
A moment
An inch
Drips of you
You’re all I see
Around I go
Spinning in time
My mind
Make it stop