Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgotten Names

Wind whispers through low towers

Cluttering the ground in a


Caressing souls who lay sleeping


Encased in hallowed ground gone

Cold and hard from years passed

Moss grows between

Cracks scored in stone from

Endless tears shed over

Wilted flowers left behind by weeping hearts unknown


Flit and flutter by

Gazing from above

Taking those ready by the hand

Guiding them home

Very few left behind


Refusing to go



Seeking yet never finding

Damning their own souls

Restless within this cold hollow ground


The walking death they deny

Shedding tears upon wilted flowers

Staring in disbelief

Their name they see carved in marbled stone

Cries lost and unheard among

Winding winds

I hear them

Whispering to me around and through

Stone towers of decay

Fingertips caressing forgotten names

Strangled moss

Wilted flowers

Held in place tightly

Fed by their


Holding them in my heart

Speaking their names

Quietly weeping

Their souls wrap around my warmth

Feeding from me

Taking what they seek

Finally ready

Gazing from above

Taking them by the hand

Guiding them home


  1. I like how you bring them to yourself so they are not forgotten names...very nice :)

  2. Wow, congrats... I think it's perfect the way u talk about the lost souls. Very very nice ;)

  3. you paint an amazing picture with your well described imagery. I love the idea of the souls clinging to your warmth. Well done. Your attention to detail speaks volumes in your growth as a writer... very nice!! :D

  4. You were so hesitant about this subject, and once again you’ve done a beautiful job. You’ve connected. You’ve gone deep. You’ve written something outside the box. The first stanza will go on the cover of this week’s Silverthorn Press issue.. #25!, and I thank you for letting me borrow it. I’m proud of my awesome writer friend ;)