Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So far from where we once were.

Lines defined long ago.

Easily crossed and left behind.

The path so well designed.

Now cluttered with foot prints of pain.

A shadow of my former self.

Through my tears I can no longer see.

What it is that you saw in me.

My heart is strangled in a noose.

The bitter taste of loss.

An all consuming catch twenty two.

A thousand wishes riddle my mind.

Memories of a time now gone.

Basking in the shelter of you.

Hearts no longer combined.

So far from where we once were.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calling My Name

The wave

Crashes over me


Crying out

Reaching for something

Anything to hold on to

Coming up for air

Just in time

Another wave

Pulls me under

Swallowing mouthfuls

The pain


Calling my name

Enticing and romancing me

Praying for


God set me free

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Darkness all around me

I call out your name

There is no sound

Lost and alone

Emptiness surrounds me

I’ve lost my way

Beaten into submission

I’m hopeless

Everything is gone

No other choice

I’ve given you the ball

Run the show

With outstretched arms

I beg you

Answer me


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Command My Need

I’m your flower

Waiting to bloom

Your sweet scent

Pollinates me

Command my body

Stroke my need

Rough hands

Trace every line

Your lips

Burn your mark on me

Flames of desire

Lick and tease

I’ve surrendered

You own me

Screaming for release

Sweet intensity


My thoughts


With memories of


My mind wanders

No longer


Your denial

Of this


Runs thick

Within my veins

This see-saw of


Blurring everything


My heart

A boomerang

You’re not aware

These choices bring

Pure insanity

You hear me

Yet you’re not listening

I can’t save you

You won’t let me

You’ve passed me by

My tears


With memories of

You and me


I see you

Perched upon

Your pedestal

So high

Full of selfish

Boiling over with
Tangling your sin
Nothing left

To win


Apathetic walls
Built with

Foolish pride
Isolating you
From pounds of
Pain and guilt
The illusion


Present now


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Illusions of

Eternal bliss

Play havoc

Upon your soul

Crying out

For relief from

Pain that

Settles in

Your heart

Twisting dreams


Scenes of desire

Dripping with

Guilt and shame

Let it go my friend


Your humanity

Lay your

Pain at the

Alter of


Let me carry

Your burden

I’ll set you free

Friday, April 9, 2010


Locking me in
You walk away

Spreads through me

So deafening

Pounding my fists

Shattered heart

Caressing the keys

It's no use I can't leave

Every lock
Broken in me

Frozen within
My silent glass prison

I can't breathe.

You and Me

Last night I posted what I called the "story/poem". Here is the 1st of these new little musings that came to me. I mentioned this one in the previous post. This one is certainly a happier post then the other. It's a good comparison of emotions. The first you saw a relationship ending... Quite painfully. In this one you see a relationship beginning... Maybe... I am not really sure myself. You tell me what you think you see.
Comments are always welcome.. I hope you enjoy watching me learn and grow as a writer. It's definitely been amazing for me. Scary too!

Titled: You and Me

I look up and see you as I cross the street.
Our eyes meet.
My breathe catches in my throat as recognition slams into me.

Quickening my pace, I navigate through the crowd to reach you.
I stop just out of arms reach, eyes wide.
Face to face with you for the first time.

“Is it really you?” I ask.

A slight smile forms on your lips.

Those lips...I have dreamed of those lips.
What would they feel like pressed to mine?
How would they taste?

Stepping forward, your hands cup my face, slowly your lips brush across mine with a gentle sweep.
Your forehead pressed to mine.
So tender and sweet, you whisper.

“Yes baby, it’s me.”

I rise to my toes, curl my arms around you and press my body to yours.
The world disappears.
I moan as your lips cover mine.

Relief and anticipation war inside me.
Finally…You’re here with me.
My whole body trembles against you and I revel in your taste and feel.

Time stands still.
All at once I am lost.
Forever branded by you.

Body, heart and soul
I'm yours.
You’re mine.

You and me, finally complete.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Love You

Let's call this an experiment in my poetry.
This is the second short story/poem that's entered my head this week. I have not posted the first one. I don't know if I will.
This one came out of me at the demand of my muse... He heard a song I was listening to while lingering in my head and this is what he whispered to me. (yes I know how crazy that sounds but some of you understand it.)
Let me know what you think please... I am sure I could use the feedback.

Simply titled: I love you

“Do you believe me anymore when I tell you I love you?”

Your words hung suspended before my eyes, floating as though they had no need for a place to land.
If I had the power to erase them I would.

Quick as I can, I answer.

“Stop I don’t want to cry tonight…Dammit”

But it was too late. The minute you asked the question the lump that is now a constant presence in my throat broke free and the tears fell at will.

“I love you” I hear you say to me

Full of desperation and unable to quell my tears; agony spills forth coating the emptiness of my soul.

Moments tumble by and I finally manage a reply,

“I want to believe you…but your behavior tells me differently,”

Walking away you stop, turn and say,

“Fair enough, I've just got a lot of personal stuff going on… I let it get to me and keep me busy… I'm sorry I do that, anyway…Good night baby.”

I watch you go and stand there stunned in my puddle of tears. The pain so great I feel as though I will burst, then the anger comes… and finally I can breathe.

I run after you, grab your arm, turning you to me.

“That was the biggest bullshit statement you have ever fed me. You told me a long time ago that I would know when you didn’t want me anymore… Well I feel it! I see it!
It’s so obvious it’s embarrassing!”

We stand there in silence. Nothing else to say… you turn and walk away.

I don’t know why I hold on to this.
I keep waiting, I suppose, for things to change.
Will they?
I can easily fall back into my fantasy… Where, once again, you love me.

I’m stubborn just like you.
I won’t do what you so clearly are too weak to.

You told me before that one day I would leave you. That I would resent you for not giving me more…
But you see that is simply not true.
I won’t let you use that as an excuse. I refuse to make it so easy for you.

I don’t resent you and I haven’t left you.
My heart knows and loves you still…
The truth is you’ve already left me.

Your words hung suspended before my eyes, floating as though they had no need for a place to land.

“Do you believe me anymore when I tell you I love you?”

Whispering through tears streaking down my cheeks,

“No baby, I don’t… Because I know I’ve already lost you”

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hand In Hand

I trip and fall,

Navigating the twisting and turning path.

My soul,

Unsure of my footing.

Questioning the direction I thought I knew.

My destination’s unclear.

All has changed before my eyes.


All remains the same.

Where will this opportunity lead?

What is my destiny?

Surely it is you that I see.

It must be.

True love lies in wait for me.

My heart answers your call.

I believe you when you say,

You will carry me away.

I’ll be caught if I trip and fall.

We’ll navigate the twisting and turning path

As one.

Hand in hand.

Your soul,

Bound tightly within mine.