Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silent Goodbye

Alone with my fear
Reluctantly I rise
Clutching the pale sheet
Wound tightly about my form
No longer your willing captive
Shackled in the dark
Riddled with desperation
Quiet pleas for mercy
Unheard or ignored
My dignity stripped raw
Used at will
Marked with scars
A second skin confines
Tattooed impressions upon my soul
Unsure of my footing
One small step
Propels me away
Light filters through
A crack in the wall
Freedom beckons me
I wobble and advance
Toward the precipice
Balanced on the edge
I turn around and see clearly
Your eyes
Silently urging
Take your leave from me

Hope crushed once more
Falling backwards
The pale material
Unfolds and flies above
A white flag of surrender
A silent goodbye
From me

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Futile Struggle

No weakness
To be found
Within these walls
Erected long ago
Set firmly in place
No match for
Heart and mind
Especially mine
I’ve grown tired
Weary from this battle
A futile struggle
Unable to sustain
My soul is heavy
Filled with self loathing
Confusing love and hate
Dying a thousand deaths
In search of that which
Does not wish to be found
Miles upon miles
Manipulating God's
Orchestration of fate
Trudging a path
Riddled with bones
Withstanding tests of time
Foolishly believing it was mine

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Seat

Held hostage in a world
You create and rule
I’ve no desire to leave
Lingering in my half awake state
The fog grows thick
Blanketing reality
No reason to breathe
Barely existing
The walls close in
Securing my seat
There will be no
Abdication from me
I’ll always lead
From the seat you
Willingly appointed me
You cannot renounce
Your Queen

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Anticipation burns
Between my thighs
Across the room
Your body stirs
Your stare intensifies
Conveying promises
Hidden desires
Undressing me with your eyes
Visions dance
Within my mind
Stripped raw
My body bare
Passion spins me
Back to actuality
Our eyes locked
Halting time
Be ready for me
You whisper
Your only words
Mirror mine

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Tendrils of seduction
Radiate from your touch
Hot and wet
Moist with sweat
Palpable desire
Rolling your body
Against mine
Sinking inside
Sweet intoxicating
Irresistible heat
Our souls combine
Dancing tongues
Endless pleasures
Ribbons of need
Spiral around meeting hips
Divine pressure builds
Knotting our essence
The bow is tied


When did understanding
Become sullen ambiguity?
My heart beats
An unsteady cadence
Beseeching you
Adorns my cheeks
Staining my skin
Will my surrender be enough
To atone for my iniquity?
There is no defense for me
My fallible humanity
A shadow of a rose
Pale and worn
Broken and torn
Craving your light
Seeking forgiveness
So necessary
For only you
Can restore
The beauty once
Radiating from me

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chosen State

Fulfilling warmth
Your presence creates
We tumble and play
Sipping sweet
Intoxicating tastes
Amorphous ties
Hidden inside
Ordinary gestures
Swaddled in sightless faith
Yet can’t hold at bay
Your wave that sinks
Our heavenly state
Time stumbles over time
As I tread in the tide
Holding my breath
Struggling to weather my fate
Weighted down by
Crystalline promises
Long since drowned
Beneath my chosen state

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Corner

You must believe

I’m made of stone

My heart

Encased in steel

One look

I breathe

One touch

I’m free

One cruel word

Banishes me


Orbiting misery

Heart clenched

Bracing me


I know too well the

Punishment I motivate

Silence you demonstrate

Gut wrenching pain

Pushes pink clouds away

Fostering darkened skies

Banished to the corner

Broken and torn

Somewhere inside

The depths of your mind

A dark corner

You’ve labeled mine


Tears trickle down my cheeks

Iced drops of rain

Freezing your reflection

In a mirror of time

Your eyes now empty

Of the heart you once held

As mine

The pain of loss so great

The need to be seen

To be held and cherished

Consumes everything

My tears are in vain

My love wasted

Lost among frozen rain

Carving a path within

My soul

No heart waits for mine

Lonely, alone

Tears trickle

And find no home

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lost Child

Fists grip

Edges of dread

Fear reigns

Cunning and baffling

Enticing me

Come and play

Let me warm you

Sip of this darkness

It beckons me

A lost child

Wandering among

Collected members of insanity

They caress my icy skin

Dampening my ability

To decipher

Truth from lies

The voice within my mind

Screams warnings

I’ve no desire

To comprehend

I’m dead

Yet I still breathe

Hunger thrums inside my soul

Throat aches for

Just one taste

Cravings clawing in my mind

Will finally cease

I’ll be warm

Until next time