Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Silent Goodbye

Alone with my fear
Reluctantly I rise
Clutching the pale sheet
Wound tightly about my form
No longer your willing captive
Shackled in the dark
Riddled with desperation
Quiet pleas for mercy
Unheard or ignored
My dignity stripped raw
Used at will
Marked with scars
A second skin confines
Tattooed impressions upon my soul
Unsure of my footing
One small step
Propels me away
Light filters through
A crack in the wall
Freedom beckons me
I wobble and advance
Toward the precipice
Balanced on the edge
I turn around and see clearly
Your eyes
Silently urging
Take your leave from me

Hope crushed once more
Falling backwards
The pale material
Unfolds and flies above
A white flag of surrender
A silent goodbye
From me


  1. ah, see, i'm confused. it sounds like she wants to get away, then he tells her to go and it sounds like she didn't want to go after all. it also seems like she's escaping something behind her and headed for freedom, but then hope is behind her, so i think i'm lost. haha i'm not very good at poetry, which is why i generally stay away.

  2. Longing meets surrender meets complexity beyond longing. xo

  3. you know how this one touched me. *sigh*