Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Memory

I sit and gaze
Inside the looking glass
It reflects clearly a time
Long since past
Overflowing with memories
Your smiling eyes
Linger before me
Your voice clear
A lullaby in my mind
The feel of your mouth
Pressed softly to mine
Our arms wrapped tightly
In a lovers embrace
A smile graces your lips
A giggle escapes mine
Twirling and laughing
The reverie of our play
Inspires a smile
This is what I needed
What I longed for
Watching the memory
Reaching out
My fingers find
The coolness of the glass
Lingering briefly
The image blurs
I am reminded once again
What I see is the past
A moment in time
A solitary window
My current reality


  1. Warmed my heart in the beginning then made me sad at the end )-:

  2. Lovely stuff wookster. :-)

    You work words like few others.