Friday, October 15, 2010


Stripped of the eyes
I once gazed clearly through
A single shift in position
Undoubtedly changed the vision
An entirely new scrutiny
Dissimilar to before
Igniting a war of emotions
They spar with one another
Toil and tumble
Quietly destroying
Every memory
I do not care for this
Vision replaced anew
My recollection is muddied
Soiled with inconsistencies
It no longer fits
The pretty picture
Formerly perceived
Through my new eyes
I can see unmistakably
It was all make-believe
It was all


  1. Your poem is bone-chilling but soothing. Your words have a soothing way of expressing pain or at least it helps me feel my crazy emotions.

  2. As i read this Poem i get a heavy sense of something Spiritually Disconnected with his/hers Vision of they're internal Emotions that everyone has inside deep in their Soul and always ignore...thus making it make-believe living.