Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Sky

Unconditional gifts
Conditioning me
Inside my eyes
My hardness you see
An empty soul
Simply incomplete
Weeping hearts
Oozing sweet
Tender extremes
Giving more
Always more
Unrealized dreams
Floating on clouds
Hidden in your sky
Remembering my
Cinnamon fantasies
Begging for blessings
Bestowed by me
Mistaken expectations
Forfeited for
Anything received

Friday, July 8, 2011


Our fairytale was
Written bold and clean
Woven between
Lies that became
Truth that became

Yours and mine

Excuses once
Logical now seem
Mundane and
Reality will always
Be love
I’ll love you
Eternally connected

Perhaps mystically

No matter how far
You stray
From me no matter
How long you
Stay away
Reality will always
Be love
You’ll love me
Eternally connected

To me

And bitter sweetness
Remains hidden inside
Our never ending
Of make-believe