Thursday, December 31, 2009


I stand before you stripped raw.
I cannot explain the emotions I feel, more then can be understood.

Much unplanned and never intended.
Can you be all I perceive you to be?
Everything I expect and nothing I thought to need.

A piece of my heart is all I can offer.
A space to call your own.
Forever to be loved, cherished and embraced.
Will it be you?
Will you fulfill my need?

Wallow forever in the shame of me.
Brand me and claim me as your own.
Reaching and never sated.
Yearning and never fulfilled.

Someday to be called your own.
When will it be?

Will you dance with me, forever invited into my fantasy?
Be mine for eternity?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


You've possessed me, a spell possibly. Words kissed with a talented tongue.

Thoughts of unknown desires run through my mind. Twisting and turning, demanding.

I am shocked and aroused all at once. Steal and shatter my body and soul; take what's yours.

Visions of you over me, inside me, shake me to the core. Breath staggers from my body.

The bliss of passion and pain intertwine and I am lost forever around you.

Insanity and ecstasy become one. Take me, break me.

I'm yours.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Walls of Regret

The walls are closing in.
The dark that is my soul envelopes me.
Blindly I scream.

Fingers tear at my emotions.
Searching for the answers I need.
I want to breathe.

Circling my self imposed cell.
Round and round I stumble.
A blanket of despair pulls me under.

I see you clearly now.
I know what's going on.
Contradiction and anger abound.

Stay over there.
Don't come any closer.
Give back what I gave so freely.

No longer in your care.
Steeped in regret and misery.
My heart once again belongs to me.

Just be.

The twisted webs we weave; feelings and emotions woven true.
Our hearts are intertwined.

Come away with me and entangle your soul with mine.
Let's hold each other through this night.

We'll wipe away each others tears disguised by the falling rain.
Free our fears sending them all away.

Toss away any desire to unravel the webs we have weaved.
They're forever a part of you and me.

Hush my love, please...
Just be with me.

Tomorrow we can again let reality fly free.
For now just hold me.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three Words

Tempt me and tease me.
Breathe my name.
A song so sweet.

On my knees.
Your words arouse me.
Beckoning fires of need.

Hold me tightly my love.
Own me and devour me.
I'm all that you dreamed.

Tangled tongues of desire.
Keep me drunk with your mouth.
Brand me as your queen.

Wrap me and roll me.
In the depths of your soul.
Drown me so I can breathe.

Tell me the words.
The last three I seek.
Tell me you love me.

Make me complete.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unraveled Desire

Two bodies and souls become one.
The skies part revealing your heart to mine.
Beautiful intentions, coupled with complications.
The distance that separated us of little consequence now.

I'm with you always, a part of you.
Curled around you in our den of ecstasy.
Your whispers embrace me, beckoning my body to yours.
Sweet sorrow binds us together in a blanket made of promise and desire.

My name falls from your lips with a sigh.
Your questioning eyes consume me, pleading with mine.
My offered kiss is filled with love, providing the answers you seek.
With one breath from you I am unraveled; fears are banished soothing my need.

My Everything

Visions of you possess me.
More then expected and dreamed.
You're all I want and need.

I wasn't prepared for you.
Did God deliver you?
The Devil himself maybe.

I was lost and you found me.
Now yours eternally.
No end to be seen.

Your words deliver promise.
Fluttering on the edge of disaster.
In these fantasies I'm free.

Engraved in my soul forever.
Your essence captivates me.
Brings forth satisfaction and need.

My blood burns for you.
Nothing else can I see.
Forever you'll be.

My baby.
My breath.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Everything to lose.
Nothing to gain.
A bridge destroyed.
No detour found.

Uncertainty looms near.
Indifference now present.
Willingness has disappeared.
Lack of respect follows.

The track's not secure.
The ride has begun.
All seats are full.
The destination unclear.

A separation between.
Visibility on both sides.
The standoff evident.
A choice to be made.

There lies the solution.
Patience is required.
Compassion a necessity.
Grace and dignity revealed.

Clearing the wreckage.
Each side to be tended.
God is in between.
He will decide.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Never Again

Your slip is showing. Your true colors revealed.

I see you've taken no care with your words.

They sting and drip with sarcasm and deceit.

Be careful what you say, certain harm cannot be cast away.

I offered you gifts.

Labeled as Friendship and unconditional love.

Now those gifts are spoiled.

Blackened by the venom of your words.

These things you should have held precious.

In delivering your poison, you've lost your dignity and grace.

Never again will I share.

You'll be alone in your misery, wrapped in your blanket with care.

My Sin

Your deepest desire.
Your most wicked fantasy.
Nothing compares to me.

Everything you ever wanted.
More then you dared to dream.
I'll roll you in my ecstasy.

Come to me baby.
Feed your soul upon my sin.
One taste and you will see.

Etched in the walls of your mind.
Wrap yourself around me.
My essence is all you need.

Never ordinary.
Upon my pedestal I'll be.
Forever your everything.

Hold onto me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Betrayed and Shattered (Written by my friend Susan G.)

My very close friend wrote this. She was just letting out her feelings in regards to a very painful situation in her life. This was the result. I thought it was beautiful so I have posted it on behalf of her.

Written by Susan G.

I can't breath.
I am in a hole, a dark spiraling emptiness.
There is no way out except through.

It is deadness, emptiness longing and love.
It breaks into the inner being of all I know to be right and true.
I am fighting for breath.

Struggling to survive this pain, this deadness, this loss.
I open my mouth to scream and no sound escapes me, yet my mouth remains open to release the ugliness.

Betrayed by the truth and the lies.
I hate who I am. I hide my disguise. Nothing is what it seems.
I believed, I loved, I lost.

The world seems dark, why is this so painful.
All that I believed is shattered.
Someone has died, it is ME.

I can't bear the pain.
Does he know what he has done?
Can't he see what has happened to me?

I am lost and alone, empty and frightened.
I feel the darkness. I gasp for breath.
I never knew anything could cause such agony.

I loved so deeply, so blindly and now I am sliding.
An alien in my body; my heart is broken, lost in his betrayal.
Maybe tomorrow I can breathe.

Friday, December 4, 2009


It's you again.
I remember you.

Such a familiar face.
Such a familiar tone.

I know your hate.
I know the venom you spew.

You were always this way.
But you don't remember do you?

You've got an excuse now.
No need for an apology.

Your waves of insanity crash over me.
I sputter and cough, trying to catch my breath.

You don't know do you?
You can't see can you?

You hurt and harm me.
Tear me to shreds with your words.

Don't worry, I'll stay.
Give you what's left of me.

Feed you. Bathe you.
Love you and hate you.

Nothing you want.
Everything that you need.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


A figment of my imagination.
The muse of my thoughts.
Inspiration filling my soul.

Your voice trickles through me.
Torturous whispers in my mind.
Scorched words and bloody promises.

Dripping words like honey.
A tongue laced with need.
You quench my thirst.

Now nothing.
Complete silence.
Sadness copulates with frustration.

With balled fists I demand.
Through clenched teeth I scream.
Reveal yourself to me!

Can you not hear me?
Do you not see?
You've become my habit, my drug!

Fill me then bleed me.
Steep me in your flavor.
Feed my hunger.

Let me overflow.
Thoughts catch in my throat.
Words pour from my fingers.

My imagination.
My muse.
My insanity.