Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unraveled Desire

Two bodies and souls become one.
The skies part revealing your heart to mine.
Beautiful intentions, coupled with complications.
The distance that separated us of little consequence now.

I'm with you always, a part of you.
Curled around you in our den of ecstasy.
Your whispers embrace me, beckoning my body to yours.
Sweet sorrow binds us together in a blanket made of promise and desire.

My name falls from your lips with a sigh.
Your questioning eyes consume me, pleading with mine.
My offered kiss is filled with love, providing the answers you seek.
With one breath from you I am unraveled; fears are banished soothing my need.


  1. that is BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow, you never cease to amaze me....... you have come into your own honey..... I think I want to read it again... yes, yes I do..

  2. Pulsating waves of love find you never hidden.
    Unraveled Desire is soothing my need. ox

  3. Oh, the desire! Damn the complications...if I could just have that one kiss, maybe I could breathe again...

  4. Reminds me of werewolves. It's just that poignant, whatever that means. Read it somewhere. >.>

  5. What I love about these words is the complexity of interpretation. It could be a couple, married for years.... or lovers kept apart, spending a stolen afternoon in each other's arms. Your words reach across the divide. Again, another beautiful delight. I truly love crawling into your mind.