Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Everything

Visions of you possess me.
More then expected and dreamed.
You're all I want and need.

I wasn't prepared for you.
Did God deliver you?
The Devil himself maybe.

I was lost and you found me.
Now yours eternally.
No end to be seen.

Your words deliver promise.
Fluttering on the edge of disaster.
In these fantasies I'm free.

Engraved in my soul forever.
Your essence captivates me.
Brings forth satisfaction and need.

My blood burns for you.
Nothing else can I see.
Forever you'll be.

My baby.
My breath.


  1. This is like a pt 2 of your phantom. Excellent. You keep it up. You're getting better with every verse. You're cranking out some gorgeous prose.

  2. very beautiful, honey. your words paint awe inspiring pictures of love, pain, strength, and attraction.... watching your growth as a writer has been a wonderful journey.... p.s. can I tell my friends this is about me?... *wink, grin*

  3. i can feel all the emotion inside you. wonderful!

  4. Very beautiful and filled with desire, another good one sweetie. :)

  5. Darkness! yet im drawn to a stobing light, to the sound of a heart pounding! sheilala

  6. Ha! You're rhyming baby girl! Cool.