Friday, December 4, 2009


It's you again.
I remember you.

Such a familiar face.
Such a familiar tone.

I know your hate.
I know the venom you spew.

You were always this way.
But you don't remember do you?

You've got an excuse now.
No need for an apology.

Your waves of insanity crash over me.
I sputter and cough, trying to catch my breath.

You don't know do you?
You can't see can you?

You hurt and harm me.
Tear me to shreds with your words.

Don't worry, I'll stay.
Give you what's left of me.

Feed you. Bathe you.
Love you and hate you.

Nothing you want.
Everything that you need.


  1. beautiful to read,
    painful to feel.
    your artistry in painting a picture of emotions continue to amaze me.....

  2. *hugs* Love you. Can you take care of me when I start doing the Russian Squat Dance?

  3. I have no right word to say so i'll just say I like it I really do.

  4. You are a dedicated and strong woman.

  5. Great expression. You poor baby. You're such a good person. [hug]

  6. Your words are absolutely perfect. People say be kind to your children because they will be the ones caring for you when you're old. But regardless of how kind or unkind they are, we do still step in, push down our anger, and wipe their asses. They birthed us. They hurt us. They love us.

  7. good poem-- hard relationship to write about