Thursday, December 31, 2009


I stand before you stripped raw.
I cannot explain the emotions I feel, more then can be understood.

Much unplanned and never intended.
Can you be all I perceive you to be?
Everything I expect and nothing I thought to need.

A piece of my heart is all I can offer.
A space to call your own.
Forever to be loved, cherished and embraced.
Will it be you?
Will you fulfill my need?

Wallow forever in the shame of me.
Brand me and claim me as your own.
Reaching and never sated.
Yearning and never fulfilled.

Someday to be called your own.
When will it be?

Will you dance with me, forever invited into my fantasy?
Be mine for eternity?


  1. May I? May I tag along and dance nearby in awe? When is now and tomorrow. Let's go. ox

    Thanks for posting your beautiful poem.