Saturday, January 2, 2010

Broken Me

My selfishness knows no bounds.
Infecting the choices I make.

Running from all responsibility.
Denying the harm evenly spread.

Hopeless and helpless insanity.
Tempting God's of understanding.

A fraud running from reality.
Faster and faster I bleed.

Stolen moments of happiness.
Borrowing what's not mine.

Soiling my earned redemption.
My once saved soul now damned.

My make-up now complete.
A presentable face on display.

Saving my coins of despair.
A price surely to be paid.

The beautiful disaster that's me.
Do you love what you see?


  1. Wow! I love this! I can sooo relate! Fanfuckingtastic!

  2. Yes, I love what I see, here and over there, with every post, I'm drawn in for a closer look. oxo

  3. Selfishness and stealing moments of happiness... maybe it's not selfishness, maybe its survival... or searching for a reality that better fits her soul.