Monday, January 18, 2010

Never Be

Pictures of happiness

Trickling through life

With eyes for only one another

Never to stray

Always stay

Forever this vow I’ll not break

Temptation invited in

All things on the line

Never my intention this affair

Neither of us free

Hearts will bleed

Breaking my bond with my offering

Reciprocation in turn

Willingly we cultivate

Consequences with no care

Stolen love we share

Words and promises

Touching and pleasing in secret we keep

This can never be

Only our fantasies

Your body buried within me

Holding me

Loving me

Dreams of pure ecstasy and release

I refuse to let you go

In my heart you’re true

Souls too deeply intertwined

Agonizing love

Tragic bliss

Pure perfection can never be reached

No choice to make

My vow I’ll not break

Home is where I must stay

Continuing to love you

Stay with me

I’ll choose both if I’m to have my way


  1. Ooh! We are invited in, close to an affair, such passion with a consequence of choice. Nicely done. oxo

  2. Painful and tragic. Absolutely spectacular. I love it!

  3. Saw a couple in front of Starbucks last week like that. They locked lips for a good ten minutes. It was sad, sick and romantic at the same time. You could tell they were adulterers.

  4. Very nice...This was served with a tall glass of guilty pleasure.

    XOXO - Dianna

  5. tragic bliss- I am always amazed at your writing.

  6. Beautifully sad...