Saturday, February 26, 2011


Your petty display
I’ve often overlooked
Refusing this fate
Loving you in spite of
Your obvious lies
I’ve had all I can take
I hate your hypocrite face

Truth is supposed to set me free
Yet I’m held captive
Inside this maze
Crawling with venomous
Vines dripping excuses
You crafted just for me

I hate you occupying my mind
Like a disease you’ve taken hold
And won’t let go
Infecting every inch of my soul
Spoiling everything I taste

There is no serenity
Wandering inside this pathetic joke
Cursing your memory
Screaming your name
Dying one moment at a time

Mostly I hate
That my hate still isn’t
Strong enough
To kill my love
Eradicating this contamination
Called you
A constant threat
To my sanity

Ever forgiving
Never faltering
Stands strong
You don’t deserve an ounce
Not one drop of blood
From my heart
You don’t even deserve
My hate

Thursday, February 24, 2011


My mind clamors to escape
Visions battle
Of love
Of hate
Twisting spinning
Who will win this useless race?
Love is in the lead
A smile is all it takes
He holds her close
Coaxing her heart
From its hiding place
Heaven and Hell
Are one in the same
As his demeanor begins to change
Hate smothers love
Spoiling her foolish faith
Crumbs of lies litter her space
Soiling the gift she makes
Another round we go
Tell the Devil we said hello
No end to the cruelty of his soul
Sweet hate prevails
And finally takes
Love’s place

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Winds whisper your words to me
I love you
And repeat
A million different ways

Your many faces
Make no difference to me
Only memories
A movie reel on repeat
Showing what was
Playing what is
Projecting what will never be

Tainted pictures painted of me
The story told
Words written in angry disdain
Cause pain
Yet hold no weight
Only the million ways
I love you
Inevitably warmed me

The pain hides within my eyes
My smile
Nothing more than polite disguise
Unchangeable and ever beautiful
To everyone but you

Again the winds whisper
Devoid of your feelings
Feelings I shouldn’t want or need
Feelings that mean too much to me

Friday, February 18, 2011


My breath escapes
Held captive
By your rhapsody
My soul lay bare
Beneath entrancing whispers
And translucent eyes
My heart open
To caress
My body yours
To possess
My response for any request
Will always be
A breathless
Come back to me
My body craves you
My ethereal love
Wrap your mind
Inside mine
Become real
And love me
One last time

Thursday, February 17, 2011


My morbid reflection
Brings no understanding
Only hollow ache
Arrogant disdain
Your superfluous tool
Help cast aside
My lingering doubts
Polish and wipe your sins clean
Quickly now
Turn your whipping stick
Towards me
Ruthless strikes
Again and again
No mercy for the weak
Punishment is necessary
Though you’ll never really be clean
Mustn’t let them see
Masquerade your lie
Be sure to highlight mine
Let the gauntlet fly
Condemn your very creation
Destroy every cell
Of my heart once held
Once loved
Incinerate any evidence
Of the error you made
Deny any responsibility
After all
It was my foolish

Friday, February 11, 2011

So Willingly

You laughed
I became your fool

You stayed protected
I exposed eternity

Hiding your smile
While I cried
I’m pretty when I cry

Unmerited responsibility
Toyed with so frivolously

Didn’t you discern
The damage you would do

I loved you
Of course you knew
In my mind you loved me too

How can it be
You let me give so easily

I gave you all of me
And you took it

Every piece of me
You took and took
So Willingly

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Regret Filled Moon

The image of you crosses before me
And leaves devastation in its wake
Your face has branded itself upon my soul
My heart

I’m forgotten, cast aside as I lie

Awake in the dreadful silence of my mind
My tears are hot and never ending. Each one
A memory, a regret, a smile
I’ve died inside

A shell of who I thought I knew myself to be
Confused by happenings, abandoned by fate
No choice, no voice but the whisper in my mind
Reminding me of the fool you let me be
I’ve searched tirelessly for you but all I find
Around every turn is the same
Vanilla sky and the blue regret filled moon

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lover Bemused

Scornful dreams
Tempting screams
Wiping tears away
Denial is thick
My bitter drug
Charmed intensity
To fight
To breathe
Hold tight
I’ll navigate
Delusions anew
Cloaked gestures
Birthed by identity
My enemy
Risks sanity
My soul bleeds true
Lover bemused
I’m yours

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pass the Salt?

A subtle

Scratch down the
Chalk board of your soul

Please, pass the salt?

Swallow your meal
Chew slow
She doesn’t know
Disguise your gaze
Across the expanse
At him
Does he know?
How many delicious
Secrets you hold
Will he notice?
A twitch in your lip
The glimmer in your eye
Will she comprehend?
The sins you commit
He couldn’t know
Could she?
Swallow slow
Don’t choke
Desire can be thick
As it goes down

Please, pass the salt?

A burning balm for the
Guilt in your mind