Saturday, December 26, 2009

Just be.

The twisted webs we weave; feelings and emotions woven true.
Our hearts are intertwined.

Come away with me and entangle your soul with mine.
Let's hold each other through this night.

We'll wipe away each others tears disguised by the falling rain.
Free our fears sending them all away.

Toss away any desire to unravel the webs we have weaved.
They're forever a part of you and me.

Hush my love, please...
Just be with me.

Tomorrow we can again let reality fly free.
For now just hold me.


  1. Love this... it's as if you put life on pause to have a brief, stolen moment no one else is allowed to intrude upon. I feel almost voyeuristic being allowed to peek in...

  2. Soft, sure and comforting, thank you for laying this one down. Your poem is lovely.ox

  3. Such a beautiful request for respite.