Sunday, December 6, 2009

Betrayed and Shattered (Written by my friend Susan G.)

My very close friend wrote this. She was just letting out her feelings in regards to a very painful situation in her life. This was the result. I thought it was beautiful so I have posted it on behalf of her.

Written by Susan G.

I can't breath.
I am in a hole, a dark spiraling emptiness.
There is no way out except through.

It is deadness, emptiness longing and love.
It breaks into the inner being of all I know to be right and true.
I am fighting for breath.

Struggling to survive this pain, this deadness, this loss.
I open my mouth to scream and no sound escapes me, yet my mouth remains open to release the ugliness.

Betrayed by the truth and the lies.
I hate who I am. I hide my disguise. Nothing is what it seems.
I believed, I loved, I lost.

The world seems dark, why is this so painful.
All that I believed is shattered.
Someone has died, it is ME.

I can't bear the pain.
Does he know what he has done?
Can't he see what has happened to me?

I am lost and alone, empty and frightened.
I feel the darkness. I gasp for breath.
I never knew anything could cause such agony.

I loved so deeply, so blindly and now I am sliding.
An alien in my body; my heart is broken, lost in his betrayal.
Maybe tomorrow I can breathe.


  1. this is beautiful and so easy to relate to... I can feel every word.....

  2. being unable to breathe, feeling dead...i am very familiar with these feelings and you've captured them beautifully. thank you

  3. Heartbreaking. We all have our stories to tell. Hug her for me. :(

  4. I've had my moments on the floor, not being able to stop crying, not being able to breathe, feeling utterly empty yet full of excruciating pain. Please know, you WILL get through this... and you will learn enormous lessons that will bring you back to life... a better life.