Friday, April 9, 2010

You and Me

Last night I posted what I called the "story/poem". Here is the 1st of these new little musings that came to me. I mentioned this one in the previous post. This one is certainly a happier post then the other. It's a good comparison of emotions. The first you saw a relationship ending... Quite painfully. In this one you see a relationship beginning... Maybe... I am not really sure myself. You tell me what you think you see.
Comments are always welcome.. I hope you enjoy watching me learn and grow as a writer. It's definitely been amazing for me. Scary too!

Titled: You and Me

I look up and see you as I cross the street.
Our eyes meet.
My breathe catches in my throat as recognition slams into me.

Quickening my pace, I navigate through the crowd to reach you.
I stop just out of arms reach, eyes wide.
Face to face with you for the first time.

“Is it really you?” I ask.

A slight smile forms on your lips.

Those lips...I have dreamed of those lips.
What would they feel like pressed to mine?
How would they taste?

Stepping forward, your hands cup my face, slowly your lips brush across mine with a gentle sweep.
Your forehead pressed to mine.
So tender and sweet, you whisper.

“Yes baby, it’s me.”

I rise to my toes, curl my arms around you and press my body to yours.
The world disappears.
I moan as your lips cover mine.

Relief and anticipation war inside me.
Finally…You’re here with me.
My whole body trembles against you and I revel in your taste and feel.

Time stands still.
All at once I am lost.
Forever branded by you.

Body, heart and soul
I'm yours.
You’re mine.

You and me, finally complete.


  1. I'm torn. The deep romantic in me wants this to be a soul mate thing... Elfquest style recognition. More realistically, I'm thinking an internet relationship that is finally making the move from digital to analog.

  2. wow much better,,,seems the trick was to piss you off, good job

  3. Definitely a story/poem. This is coming along nicely. ;)

  4. Very vivid. Sounds like a love story.

  5. this one is AWESOME


  6. Love it...I get the soul mate vibe!


  7. You're right! I do like it!
    I'm a believer!