Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hand In Hand

I trip and fall,

Navigating the twisting and turning path.

My soul,

Unsure of my footing.

Questioning the direction I thought I knew.

My destination’s unclear.

All has changed before my eyes.


All remains the same.

Where will this opportunity lead?

What is my destiny?

Surely it is you that I see.

It must be.

True love lies in wait for me.

My heart answers your call.

I believe you when you say,

You will carry me away.

I’ll be caught if I trip and fall.

We’ll navigate the twisting and turning path

As one.

Hand in hand.

Your soul,

Bound tightly within mine.


  1. Have reread. Yes, this is most definitely a favorite.

  2. Like rope. Hog-tied hearts. Nah, it was really pretty and girlie. ;)