Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Title Poem

Here is my title poem. This was a complete accidental discovery. About a week or so ago sitting in my “Command Center” among my closest friends it occurred to me while looking at my poetry that I could make a poem from the titles of each of them from the month of January. Yes, yes I realize this is completely silly and believe me we had a good laugh over it. We decided I should wait until the end of the month and see what other titles I added to the mix.

So here it is my friends. Title by title and ONLY the exact title of each poem was used.

It just goes to show you that formatting makes just as much of a difference as the words you lay down.

A very interesting lesson for me!

Rolling Thoughts

Different me…Just Decide

Reaching my sacrifice



I'd Fall wishing you


Never be my need

The dance…My apology



State of Mind

Decision…Broken Me


  1. When words lay down
    the way you want them
    they feel like lovers
    sounding off in syllables
    caressing the page
    leading you on
    rhythmic as mirth
    soothing, whimsical and pert

    Your poem is what my WORDS is about. ;) ox

  2. Wow. I do not think it's silly. Just amazing. Did you write way back in HS. Where ever your writing comes from. I can feel your writing. It's strange, as if I can apply a part of my own life to your writings.