Friday, August 27, 2010


Available for you


Supportive and loving

Forever listening

All your fears

Many uncertainties

Complaints as well

Spill them upon me

Your biggest fan

You are the melody

I love to sing

Still the aches I breathe

Drift past your eyes

You don’t seem to notice them

Notice me

There’s not much left

I understand

It’s insufficient

But all there can be

The little time you give

It’s fitting

It has to be

Until the time comes

When it no longer will be


  1. Sweet but sad. Melody is my estranged daughter's name.

  2. Write on. I like how your poem gently kicks ass without demanding what cannot be. xo

  3. The lament of the good friend. What are we? Nuts? Sure. Cry on my shoulder, but ffs watch the hair. LOL. Nice work.