Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Looking Glass

What’s behind your eyes,

Seized under lock and key?

What secrets do you hold

Within the pools of your soul?

Don’t fear your truth.

It doesn’t define you, as you believe.

Turn to the looking glass,

That’s where I’ll be.

Tell me your stories.

I’m listening.

In them, there’s beauty.

You will see.

It’s all just a memory.

Not the designation of who you’re meant to be.

Behind your eyes,

Lingers truth and vulnerability.

Turn to my looking glass,

I will set you free.


  1. This is sweet and hopeful. I've missed seeing that here.

  2. I like this. The truth is always there and facing it does give us freedom. Some real truths here.

  3. Very nice, indeed. I love this poem of yours, which is sure to bring comfort to all who read it. Thank you. xo