Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haunting Lullaby

Hate you?

I can’t

Though I’ve tried

I miss too much of you

The laughter

The joking

The smile meant just for me

Your memory won’t

Let me sleep

Visions of you assault my dreams

A haunting lullaby

Lingers in my mind

I never meant for things to end

The method in which they did

A time wrapped in madness

I never intended

For you to hate me

Hate who you became

While with me

You’re not gone from me

I know you wish to be

I’m baffled

By the quickness

In which I’m gone from you


I don’t hate you

I can’t

Though I’ve tried


  1. I was always horrible at breaking up... I consider myself fortunate that my wife sucked at it too.

  2. " A time wrapped in madness " Great powerful verses! So much love, the one that breaks your heart and cresses your soul at the same time! The love that stays with you always and forever... Beautiful poem

  3. I have to admit this broke me down. Feel like you reached inside of my heart and yanked out all of my current emotions. Hating would make things so much easier, but there is not hate in me...but I'm not sure it's love anymore...

  4. I love how the the first and last three lines are the same, yet they mean different things each time. This poem is wonderful. Thank you for putting it into the world.