Monday, June 7, 2010

Your Reflection (posted for a friend)

I've posted this poem on behalf of a friend. She asked me not to reveal her name. If you are interested and want to know who she is you may email me. 1wookiesgirl(@)gmail(.)com. With her permission of course I'll reveal her identity.

I have to say this woman has become a blessing to me. We are new friends, fast friends. God seems to have put her in my life at just the right time. We've held each other up and having her in my life has meant the world to me.

This poem she wrote spoke clearly to my soul. I had to share it with you and she kindly agreed to let me.

I want to say... Thank You my friend!

Thanks for being a light for me as I've walked through the darkness.


Your Reflection

I gave you transparency
But your capability
Only allowed you to see
Your craven self in me

Oh, you know me so well
Convinced beyond a doubt
It’s not me, my plea
You couldn’t believe
My faults were your own
How could they be?
Only a mirror you trust you’d believe
And that mirror was not me.

Cursing blue streaks, black streaks, pale
My countenance betraying everything
Venom deadlier than any strike
You struck me
Culpable me
Abusive me
You tell me out of love

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  1. I like this, very much. Thank your friend for letting you share this with the world, as it should be.