Friday, June 18, 2010

Bitter Frost

I’m known as

The Ice Queen

Hard and cold

Ruling upon my throne

My kingdom held secure

Surrounded by frozen walls

Those locked outside

Feel my bitter frost

And cast their stones

Attempting to rupture

Barriers held safe

“She’s bitter without a heart”

They chant

Am I?

Yes… I believe I may be

My warmth felt and shared

With only those worthy of me

My love and care

My loyalty

Steadfast in my honor

Ruthless in my defense

With frozen beauty

Reflected in my sword

I gaze upon unworthy fools

Those who’ve forgotten

Those who push away

Warmth penetrating

Ice and frost

Melting away fears

Loneliness and Apathy

You speak as though you know my soul

Do you?

Allow me to introduce myself

I am YOUR Ice Queen

Hard and cold

Once revered

Once loved

Still upon my throne


  1. This captures an emotion beautifully...I think it's wistfulness, or loss, something that makes you protective of what you know you have but are afraid to betray again. Love it.

  2. she sounds very sefish... very...