Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Was Me

Did you think it was you?
Did you wonder why he didn’t want you?
Did you dream of him?
Did you wish?
Did you hope?
Did you pray?

Every minute?
Every day?

It could never be you.
Deep down you already knew.
It was me.
I bet you wish.
You could’ve been me.
Though you’ll never be.


  1. You can feel the pain of someone wishing for something they know will never happen. images of them searching for clues... hope... Finding only dispair. Very well written, sometimes the shorter poems cut the deepest emotional wake.

  2. I'll be best to admit that sometimes there's too much mud on the face already. Othertimes, you're shoving faces in the dirt and making your own clay. This would be something to that extent. Cheers ~ Kil