Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Prison

Trapped and cold

My breath forms

Frozen rings of steam

Along the glass wall I’m trapped behind

My lungs burn and ache

My screams

Bounce back at me

Your name echoes inside my ears

Penetrating my emptiness

Pounding my fists

Stomping my feet

A child before you


My tantrum is all you perceive

You’re mistaken

Validation is what I seek

The balm I believe I need

One sign

One message

Anything resembling

Once thought truth and promises

Something I can again believe

Instead my soul dies

Shut away in this cold place

My prison

Erected and sealed

Out of sight

Out of mind

Turning your back

Leaving me to freeze

To beg and plead

To suffer

Slowly suffocating

My luster gone

My passion extinguished

Till there’s nothing left of me


  1. When nothing is something and therefore everything, our focus turns to pleasure. Let your muse delight, it wants to...

  2. Wow...I think it's great that you can express yourself in your poetry.

  3. WOW more crap ..... repressed and unrequited, poor poor you

  4. Du Hast Mesht, what the fuck? Maybe you meant "Du Hast Mich" either way, "You got me". Imbecile.

  5. As for my real comment. Girl, you're touching on Depeche Mode lyrical emotives. Kinda digging this vibe.

  6. This one might be my fav. It's still riveting each time I read it.