Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Precious Skin

Thickened blankets of shame

Smother me

Darkening everything

My heart is black

Tears bleed from my eyes

Screaming my pain

Until my voice finds no sound

It makes no difference

Doesn’t matter at all

You’ll never be satisfied

I’m not the monster

You’ve painted me to be

Even now as I lay

Entangled in your blanket of shame

You’ll never acknowledge my pain

Continue your punishing tirade

Be careful not to touch

I may soil your precious skin

Even though I’m truly

A manifestation of your sin


  1. A kick in the face and a mirror. Nice work hon.

  2. It kicked me too, in the gut. I couldn't help think of a family member I'd like to send this too, but can't.

    They just couldn't appreciate it. But I do.

    More than I can convey.

  3. Sin tastes sweet at first, bitter in aftertaste. Yet we all roll in it. If you're my manifestation of sin, ta. I'll gladly take you over Old Splitfoot anyday luv.