Saturday, September 26, 2009


Where are you?
Are you hiding from me?
Please don't. I have grown accustomed to your presence in my head and in my heart.

I long to feel your arms around me again.
I'm so cold, my body shakes with the loss of you. You filled me up, made me whole.

So many questions fill my mind: Why did you abandon me? What should I do?
How will I find you again?

I am lost and alone; wandering with no direction.
I can't think anymore. Make it stop.
Please come back to me.


  1. Sweetheart,

    Sometimes it feels like that, but He's never far. Sometimes all it takes is stopping, turning around and being still.

    You don't have to find Him. He'll find you.

  2. He's already there. You have to remember how to see him again. Remember the footsteps in the sand? One time you see only one set of prints, and he asks God why he left. God said, I never left, that was when I carried you.

  3. He is only just on the other side of the wall you threw up. It's not as big as you think.

  4. It's in every face you see. Every body you hold close, every kiss you treasure. It's in the wind, the sun and especially the moon. Because the moon is close to us, and we are from dust.

  5. He knew you before you were born, he said "I will not forsake you. He never left you, he's not even hiding. This gave me chills. It's strange I have a journal very similar to this. Peace be still, he was there through the storms, & the rainbows. Just grab his hand, do not be afraid. He never judges, or stops loving someone no matter what we may think. FAITH, LOVE, HOPE & the greatest of these is LOVE." "You are always with me; You hold me by my right hand."