Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Screaming Powerlessness

I am powerless as I listen to her cries.

I can't take away her pain or soothe her aching heart.
All I can do is listen.

I see her, she is curled up in bed, weeping.
I need to go to her, curl myself behind her and hold her until she sleeps.

But I can't seem to make that happen. I have no options, no choices in the matter.

All I can do is sit and feel her pain, listen to her broken heartbeat.

She's screaming and I can't help her. She wont listen to reason, wont accept what's happened to her.
Her confusion, pain, anger and frustration flood my ears.

Oh God!
What do I do for her?

Will this ever end?
Will she ever be the same again?

I think not.
Nothing will ever be the same for her again.


  1. It is hard when they feel such pain. Know that you can help walk her through it.

  2. There is but one thing you can do to help. Love her. Without condition. I wish you well.

  3. We've all been there. Sometimes we have to find our own way, even if it means alone.