Wednesday, November 4, 2009

For My Friend

I see your tears
I feel your pain
I know your fear

The walls have begun to close in
You've stumbled and fallen

I will catch you and hold you while you cry
I will nurse your bruises and wipe away your tears
I will stay with you while you heal

When ready you will stand
I will walk with you on the path
One step at a time

A beautiful butterfly broken free of its cocoon
You will fly and begin again


  1. This is beautiful. Really gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful.

    Hallmark is missing out on you.

  3. You're an amazing woman.

  4. That brought me to tears... beautiful things often do that.

  5. very beautiful, baby... your friends are lucky to have someone as loving as you in their lives....

  6. Very moving...makes me want to move to AZ to be closer to such a wonderful woman!