Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Understanding

Alone and struggling in fear, I look up and see you.

With outstretched arms, my soul calls to you.

Forever a gentleman, you wait until you are called.

I crawl to you, tears pouring from my heart.

I fall into your arms. You wrap me in your love and grace.

You whisper away my pain; claim my tears as your own.

My emptiness is relieved. I am no longer afraid.

Filled by your grace. Unconditionally loved.

A choice I am given. A decision to be made.

You are everything or you are nothing. What do I choose you to be?

I choose everything.

A power greater then myself.

All that I've ever needed. Everything I've ever wanted.

I am loved more then anything in the world.

A God of my own understanding.


  1. A worthy ode of a God. You have a way with words that is both direct and even symbolic. Forever a gentleman. Yes, I like that.

  2. Very good! It gave me chills to read it.