Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Phantom Affair

Standing in the corner of the room.
My magic conceals me. No one but you can see me.
You look over, our eyes meet and a thrill runs through my body.

I need you.

A slight smile spreads across your lips. I lick my own in anticipation of your taste.
My body stills as I watch you talking to your friends. Entertaining them with your witty jokes, enthralling them with your beautiful smile.

I want you.

Again our eyes meet, again the thrill. I gasp as it shakes my body from the inside out.
Thoughts of your mouth on mine consume me.
Visions explode of our bodies touching, tangled in each others desire.

I seek you.

You look up at the feel of my phantom touch and smile.
Smiling back, my lips brush yours sending my tingles over you.
You reach for me and your hands pass right through.

I crave you.

How can I go another day, another minute and not have you?
You consume my every waking thought.
Possess me mind, body and soul when I dream.

I ache for you.

Our world so different. Our lives never to be intertwined.
Fenced in by the walls of our existence, doomed to only have this fantasy with each other.
Never to touch or consume.

What would I give?

What would I sacrifice?

I would give the world for just one breath of you, one single taste.

I will wait for you.
I know you will come to me.
We'll meet between reality and fantasy, the only place possible to be together.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I could see and feel every little bit of their interaction..... I love it!!

  2. Damn, chica, this is beautiful!

  3. O.o *Blink blink* o.O

    *Clears throat*

    I wonder when my husband will be getting home?


  4. Splendid creation here. You're quite the poet. =)

  5. wow you are so talented, I loved it. Thanks for sharing it with me