Monday, November 1, 2010

One Mind

Light filters
Soft and smooth
Over delicate skin
Painting you in
Beauty and sensuality
Slender curves carved
By gods of delight
Your scent stirs
My need to possess you
Deep within my heart
Your essence calls my soul
Enticing me to merge with your own
Falling into a never ending
Pool of dreams
Sweetness envelopes me
Lips dine upon
Angelic skin
Quenching thirsts
Hearts merge
Souls combine
One mind


  1. Wow love this one.....

  2. A most delicious read! You're passions ooze. Towel, please. @pink_mike

  3. I feel relaxed after reading this... like I just completed a session and now I am reflecting how it started. Mara

  4. I love how your poetry is so sensual but in almost an angelic way. You use the best words to stir desire without always getting graphic.

  5. Beautiful Soul words, felt the sweetest caress on the heart, thank you!

  6. Yes, so glad I saved this calming poem to read by morning light. Soothing words for a surreal day. Thank you for sharing your lovely poem. xo

  7. This is very pretty.

    Question. How does punctuation work in poetry? I often have trouble knowing when to pause. Do I pause? What lines go together and which do not? Maybe I need a class on how to read these darn things.