Monday, May 23, 2011

The Joke

Are you done yet
Have I bled enough
Honestly could I ever bleed
Enough for you to be happy

You’ve justified your misdeed
Twisted it in your mind
Made yourself believe
I was just a lapse in sanity

You created a story
A manipulated masterpiece
It fit the picture you needed
To prove your innocence

You told me I meant everything
Though clearly this new version
Makes you the martyr
You desperately need to be

You’ve stained every word
Held sacred by me
What does it matter
What mattered to me

I was the joke
You could never leave
You finally did


  1. **APPLAUSE** I hope you truly understand how talented you are! This is so touching.
    Love you...and I'm not leaving! ;)

  2. That came from inside.The first tweet I sent when I began following you I think I said that you seemed like a good person with a big heart. It sounds like some of that heart is scar tissue. Our Queen, you have a lot of talent.

  3. are such a freaking talent! I love reading this! You are so kicking ass!