Friday, June 24, 2011


Like an over-used accessory
Your well-worn doll
That sparkle once
Decorating my eyes
Must have grown dull
Your clouded vision of me
Determines my standing
Wasn’t I your favorite?
Your co-star
In this performance
Now cast aside
Only given
Barely a hasty glance
Perched upon some shelf
Collecting dust
An obsolete apparatus
Posed precisely
With a painted smile
Watching as you tickle
These newest versions
My understudies
Longing for the day
You’ll remember
The important role I played
Maybe you’ll remove me
From this artful display
Once you grow tired of
Your shiny playthings


  1. Aww I want to take the dolly down and dress her and make her dance.

  2. Beautiful and heartfelt, babe! Love it!

  3. Like this a lot. Gets to the feelings we have about a certain kind of love. think we've all been there, tho few would be able to bring it out so raw. I really like he spare language and imagery, but you probably already know that.

  4. You know... I never could vocalize how I felt when my ex and I had separated. If was only after my divorce I saw what kind of monster I was dealing with. This is exactly how I felt the entire time...that doll...and he called me his favorite Barbie...

  5. Reading this some years after it was written and hoping that the doll was discovered by someone more worthy of it. I feel your heart in this one and it is a heart any sane person should surely want to keep. An awesome piece!