Friday, April 22, 2011

My Bubble

A bubble is made
Of such fragile
Thin and transparent
Defying gravity
Flitting from
Surface to sky
Gleaming in the sunlight
My bubble
Withstands storms
Callous skies
And Rocky ground
It floats
It persists
And remains intact
Heavy and weighed down
My bubble
Seems made from
Impenetrable steel
Yet still
Thin and transparent
Inside it I exist
Looking out
Watching you
As you look in
Watching me
I want to know
How can it remain
What would it take
For you
To burst my bubble
The one you helped create
And reinforce
For me
To finally touch
To feel
To taste
And to finally know
What my bubble was
Created to mean
If not for anything
But maybe
To finally set me free


  1. I like the metaphor of the bubble and lurking behind the poem the threat of bursting my bubble. The notion of being set free also comes as a surprise at the end and sets the reader up for extended contemplation of the speaker's situation as well as implications for the reader.

  2. This brought a lot of thoughts to my brain. I made my own bubble and couldn't figure how to get out. Then someone else decided for me and now I am learning to live my life without a bubble. Very strange feeling. Love this.

  3. You have really great endings to your poems. Your last lines always hit the mark. ~Aravis