Thursday, March 24, 2011

Great Divide

You’re stirring
On the other side
Of our great divide
Your movements slow
Your face a sullen mask
Once displaying anger
And now melancholy
I’m never certain
Which it will be
Please don’t
Don’t attempt to cross
The tattered bridge that
Still holds our souls connection
You’ll fall…we’ll fall
And I no longer wish to
Still too fragile and unable
To say no
The once beautiful waters
Have receded
Leaving nothing but
Scars in the walls that
Once held it true
A mass of wounds
Healing yet not healed
It’s not wise to disturb
The fresh balance achieved
Flowers will bloom again
Without the water
They once craved
My fragile line
Has been drawn
Stay on your side
Of our great divide
Your guilty hands
Can only bring harm


  1. But...with the power of the magical vajayjay...there will be no harm.....*SIGH* Let's harness this power! Harness the magical vajayjay!

  2. LMFAO!!!!! Oh woman, you kill me!

  3. I am no murderess.....just use your magical vajayjay to surround you in a protective layer of the Big O. It shall protect you from harm!

  4. Heartbreakingly beautiful.... and I love the picture you picked. ~Aravis